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Principle/Concept: a fundamental proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief. 

Technique: a skillful way of doing something.


When you teach someone a specific technique, they are just learning that one technique.  When you teach someone a principle or concept, they can create unlimited techniques.  GM Zulu has developed unique training methods based on Zujitsu fighting principles that encourage the student to discover those unlimited techniques. 

An example of a concept indigenous to the Zujitsu system is the idea of “Space Fighting”.  This refers to the gaps of space between techniques while one is attacking or defending.  If there is too much space between techniques an opponent will have more time to respond.  In Zujitsu our goal is to close the gaps.

Another of our training concepts is that of “Fighting Rhythms.”  Rhythm is inherent in every fight, as it is in all we do.  In a fight there are many different rhythms going on at once.  Whether you are fighting one or multiple opponents, if you are unable to adjust, disrupt, and/or blend with the different rhythms that you might encounter, then you are bound to lose the battle.  In Zujitsu, we strive for fluidity and total control over one’s rhythm. To this end we often use a variety of musical genres with different rhythms to practice our drills and freestyle movement.


“When I go to visit other schools I mostly see that everyone is being taught the same way and I wonder how is this possible?  We don’t have the same flexibility, body structure, strength, instincts, etc., so how can we all be doing the same thing the same way?  Impossible.  That’s not to say that people can’t be taught the same basic techniques.  However each student has to be taught based on his/her own abilities, anything less is a disservice. I do not want any clones.” GM Chaka Zulu


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